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27 October 2010

Advice now online


Advice on Marine Conservation Zones from the science advisory panel is now available.


The panel gave advice on the map of possible zones that was contained in our first progress report, published in July.


It is an independent body made up of experts and marine scientists, which is chaired by Dr Peter Ryder, the former chief executive of the Met Office.


Its role is to advise the Irish Sea project’s regional stakeholder group on how well its possible zones meet the ecological needs specified by government guidance.


Dr Ryder presented the panel’s feedback to the regional stakeholder group during its workshop in October, and the group was able to use it to help amend the possible Marine Conservation Zones in the Irish Sea project area.


A new progress report showing the amended zones will be available in November.


The science advisory panel will again give advice on how well the amended zones meet the necessary ecological requirements.