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8 December 2010

Fisheries management guide

An easy-to-use guide to when and how any fishing regulations would be applied in Marine Conservation Zones is now available.

When Marine Conservation Zones are designated in 2012, it will not automatically mean that commercial fishing in that site will be restricted. Some species, habitats and features that will be protected by the zones are not sensitive to fishing activities, so no changes will be needed.
Also, any fishing restrictions that are required in Marine Conservation Zones will be applied on a case-by-case basis. This means they may also come into effect at different times, with some coming into effect as soon as the zone is designated and others taking longer.
Defra is keen that non-regulatory measures such as voluntary agreements should be considered, as well as regulations such as fishing bylaws.
Measures with the least social and economic impact should also be considered, as long as conservation in the zones will still be effective. These could include changes in gear type or seasonal closures.
The guide can be downloaded from the Resources page of this website or requested by calling 01925 813 211.