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16 October 2009

Media launch at sea

Seven journalists and photographers headed out onto the Irish Sea this week as we held our media launch.

Granada TV reporter Andy Bonner and the Liverpool Echo’s environment correspondent Jade Wright were on board along with project manager Rowan Byrne, on a trip to visit the imposing spectacle of the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.

Offshore wind energy is a growing commercial use of the Irish Sea, whose shallow waters and consistent winds make it one of the top locations for offshore wind farms in the UK – although on the day of the trip light winds and thick sea fog left the turbines eerily still.

As if to give the journalists something extra to look at, the sea’s marine life readily revealed itself, with seals bobbing beside us, a dolphin breaking the surface ahead and a basking shark following in our wake.

Also along for the trip were journalists from BBC online, Environment Times and the Border Counties Advertiser. You can click here to see what Granada TV made of the trip, or read Robert Bellis’ excellent account in the Advertiser.

Around a million people have now had the chance to hear about Irish Sea Conservation Zones in their local media, with the trip to Burbo Bank reported by over 30 newspapers and websites.
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Picture courtesy BBC Liverpool online.