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3 March 2010

Drop-in day

Join us in Cumbria at our first drop-in day and find out more about the Irish Sea Conservation Zones project.
Sea users from fishermen to waterskiers, sailors to surfers, anglers to birdwatchers will be able to join staff from the Irish Sea Conservation Zones project, which will be gathering data and comments until October.
On hand in Whitehaven to chat about the project and answer questions will be our project manager, Rowan Byrne, local liaison officer Holly Deary, and communications manager Matthew Sutcliffe.
Since last June the team have spoken to over 1,200 people at over 80 meetings throughout the North West.
But the project is keen to get as much involvement as possible from a wide range of sea users who could potentially find their activities affected by the creation of new Marine Conservation Zones.
There are now just eight months left for sea users to come forward and share their information and observations about the areas of the Irish Sea they use, so that commercial and leisure interests can be taken into account in the planning of new Marine Conservation Zone.  
Irish Sea Conservation Zones gives people a real opportunity to be involved in plans to protect the marine environment in the Irish Sea, putting them at the heart of the process in a way that has never been done before in the UK.
It is a once in a generation chance for interested parties to make their views known.
According to project manager Rowan Byrne: “We aim to have detailed maps showing how the Irish Sea is currently used.
“This information is vital for ensuring that commercial and leisure interests can be taken into account in deciding where Marine Conservation Zones should be placed and what should be protected within them.
“The next few months are critical – this isn’t an opportunity that is likely to occur again in the near future and the decisions that are made could have an impact on a whole range of waterborne activities.
“The message has to be – come and talk to us on Thursday and make your voice heard now before it is too late.”
For details on the drop-in day and the project, please call or email Holly Deary on 07772 550 121 or h.deary@irishseaconservation.org.uk