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22 March 2010

Stakeholder group details

Contact details for the members of the Irish Sea Conservation Zones stakeholder group are now available online.
The people on stakeholder group are at the heart of the Irish Sea Conservation Zones project.
They will ultimately recommend to the government where Marine Conservation Zones should be located in the Irish Sea project area, what size and shape they should be, and what each one should aim to protect.
In making their recommendations, the people on the stakeholder group will consider comments and information gathered from the wider community of sea users.
One way to let the group know about your comments and information is to contact them directly.
Please contact the appropriate person for your industry or interest, and please also make sure your comments are brief and to the point.
There are also a number of other ways you can contribute your information and concerns, or comment on the stakeholder group’s draft proposals as they are published. Find out more.
The group of around 40 people met for the first time on March 18th and will meet a further four times in 2010, with a final meeting in early 2011. It is due to make its recommendations to the government in June 2011.